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Not Already doing Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) OR looking for a Review DSM Introductory Course?
My challenge is to take this course to you and increase your understanding CPAP's role and how to implement it into your office, allowing better communication and collaboration with their treating Sleep Physician.

To start this connecting, you will have in hand a certification from me directly that says you have been trained for this hybrid combination therapy to increase your number of patients that stay on CPAP and other PAP modalities.

Your Good Friend and DSM Colleague,
Jack Ryan, DMD
 (DSM 2009-2020)

16-Participation 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Continuing Education Credits
AGD Codes: 160, 180, 200, 430, 730
Sat, Sun, February 26, 27, 2021 in Miami, Florida

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Jack Ryan, DMD


  • This is an Introductory Course for abnormal sleep disorders;
  • Learn of the Polysonogram (PSG) and the use of Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) devices in conjunction with oral appliances;
  • Understand types of sleep apnea and their affects with treatment failure cases;
  • Understand how treatment is critically different with appliances, jaw position selection for the TMJ patient, tongue ties;
  • Understand PSG terminology and scoring; Learn of different PAP therapies and how to work with them;
  • Understand Combination therapy; Understanding oral appliance failures; CPAP intolerant patients who MUST have PAP;
  • Patients not on the most effective form of PAP for their specific issue; Patients that can only tolerate PAP when in combination with OAT;
  • Describe normal and abnormal upper airway anatomy and its evaluation:  Sleep Bruxism, TMD-Orofacial Pain and sleep Breathing interaction;
  • Review of Sleep breathing Disorder and OSA;
  • The need for CBCT to determine the four points of obstruction that will need to be addressed for the restoration of proper nasal breathing and resolution of apnea: nasal valve, nasopharyngeal component, velopharynx, and oropharynx;
  • Demonstrate how to use Home Sleep Tests (HST) or sleep labs reports and communications between dental and medical colleagues before oral appliance therapy;
  • Understand treatments available for OSA patients,  including combination therapy with CPAP.

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Google News (2018)—Worldwide Dental Sleep Medicine Market Projected To Grow Radiantly By 2023. We are unique in offering the most practical and comprehensive DSM program, as a non-profit.

Attract more Patients, Receive Physician Referrals and Increase Income, according to testimony!

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