Dr. Dental®—Integrity

Find Success. Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

Translates to Success in Dental Practices

, to Dr. Dental®, means providing dentists ways to find success through Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®.

Having networked with dentists and physicians for over three decades we know considering overall health and providing the best treatment plan possible for patients' needs is the key to success.  

Beyond just ‘doing the right thing, successful practices know that honesty and integrity 
are the foundations of leadership and success in their practices. Three decades ago when Dr. Dental’s founder's private practice first opened, Integrity seemed to be a given. Every dentist known to him carried a genuine moral compass such as having taken the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm—it has changed and is on the rise.

Corporate dental businesses can invest in wide-scale marketing and advertising that most dental private practices could not afford. Some of the practices may have started out as private practices, but sales crews around the country showed up with the sales pitches and purchased the practices. They keep the past owners as employees, put up their new corporate signs (as if they've always been there), change their pricing (illegal?), and have all dental practices abide by new corporate pricing and guidelines with focus on corporate profit. The following are first-hand witnessed examples;

  • A patient in her 20's was in college and told she needed gum surgery by a corporate franchise dentist— as soon as she told the dentist a private practice general dentist was her primary dentist, they changed her subsequent treatment plan;

  • A patient in his 30's was in pain while away on vacation and sought a corporate dental office that told him he needed 14 fillings— as soon as he mentioned his primary dentist for many was a private practice general dentist, the corporate dentist changed his treatment plan and referred him back to his primary general dentist who found only one filling was necessary;

  • A male patient in his 50's left his general dentist private practice for insurance reasons. He went to a corporate franchise that lured him in with low costs.  He ended up with an unexpectedly huge treatment plan  for thousands of dollars of work and also experienced tremendous pain— the patient never followed through with the work and went back to his previous private practice general dentist saying "I don’t care about the insurance, please take me back." His past dentist found little work was needed;

  • A female patient in her 70’s went to a corporate franchise dentist for the lure of a low cost price for dentures. She was talked into a higher-priced denture which never fit and could not be adjusted to fit. This female patient went back to her private practice general dentist for a good-fitting good-material denture that fit.

As a patient or dentist that chooses to adopt Dr. Dental®’s brand of Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community® for success and would like to participate, please contact info@DrDental.us. Stay tuned to this site for a patient and doctor's voice in the world of private practice dentistry.

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