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Dr. Dental®'s Patient-Centered Care Dentist Services.
Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

Contact Dr. Dental® for your Patient Services in your Absence and for Second Opinions in YOUR Dental Office at fair and reasonable rates without worry of undermining to take Over YOUR Patients.  

Patient-Centered Care,  at Dr. Dental® we have a solid standard and commitment of placing the patient first in every decision.

Consultation and Referral,  Dentists obliged to seek consultation, whenever the welfare of patients will be safeguarded or advanced by utilizing those who have special skills, knowledge, and experience may contact Dr. John Ryan, DMD, PLLC, d/b/a Dr Dental

As a consulting dentist for consultation, John Ryan, DMD, PLLC, d/b/a Dr Dental®
will come to your dental practice* and review patient's written record including x-rays, etc., and provide an examination of the patient, and upon completionyour patient will remain your patient as the referring dentist of record for future care.As some dentists end up "stealing patients" from their referring colleagues, Dr Dental® eliminates any such worry or concern by coming to you.

As a Contractor filling in for Dentist's absences from their practices, John Ryan, DMD, PLLC, d/b/a Dr Dental® will come to your dental practice* and fill in for general dentistry. Time and Dentist Services to be performed in your absence will be discussed, agreed to and committed to with a mutual benefiting contracted at a fair and reason able rate.

Advisory Opinion or Second Opinions
. A dentist who requests either contracting replacement services or a consult from
Dr Dental® for a patient referred by a third party for a “second opinion” regarding a diagnosis or treatment plan recommended by the patient’s treating dentist,  Dr Dental® will render dentist services and/or any requested second opinion in accordance with the American Dental Association's Code of Ethics. In the interest of the patient being afforded quality care, Dr Dental® will render contracting replacement services or a second opinion without worry or concern of a vested interest in the ensuing replacement services or recommendation.

Dr. Dental® Vision 
That no one suffers or dies from a disease or condition that could have been prevented.

Dr. Dental®
To bring Patient-Centered Care involving the whole body in relation to oral systemic 'good' health into wherever dentistry is practiced, Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

Knowledge, to Dr. Dental®, means commitment to the oral-to-systemic connection resulting in the best treatment plan for overall health. 

Integrity, to Dr. Dental®, means utilizing Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community® in every aspect of dentistry; it means following a genuine moral compass.

Communityto Dr. Dental®,  helps communities in need and helps patients achieve general dental care for overall health so that life for many can go back to days of being healthier and feeling better.

Dr. Dental® is committed to serving patients with ethics, heart and keeping in mind Dr. Dental®'s brand and motto 

Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

I founded the Dr Dental® brand with dentist services, since 2003. I have been in private practice having 39 years of general dentistry services experience and all with heart, consistent with my mottoValuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

My current license is limited to practice in the State of New Hampshire or for any Federal Programs such as the VA and Indian Reservations under Federal Governing. 

No prescriptions will ever be given. Read terms and conditions in Registration form before paying initial step consult fee. Please select the red button below to register for a initial step consult fee.

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Founder, Dr. Dental® Since 2003
Dr. John Ryan, DMD, PLLC d/b/a Dr. Dental®
General Dentist of 39 years

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Dr. Dental® founded in 2003 has been Providing Dentistry Services, 
Charitable Dentistry Services and Projects Improving Patients' Lives including the 
Lives of Underprivileged and Impoverished People Since 1979

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