For years, dentists have been the primary health care providers of the teeth and oral cavity, and physicians have been the primary health care providers for the rest of the
body. But imagine the possibilities if we became something entirely new: partners.

Formed in 2004, chartered in 2005, The International Association of Dental and Medical
Disciplines®—or IADMD®—is here to do just that.
The IADMD® is a doctors' professional society where 
practitioners of all specialties become partners:
essentially, to help patients. Everywhere.

IADMD® offers partner memberships with exclusive territory referral bases for quality dental and medical practices. 

IADMD® Foundation supports behavioral health programs such as Best Foot Forward
having secure and fun platforms for youth with applications to promote, protect, and advance human life for youth to circumvent life's pressures and engage in healthy lifestyles

IADMD® offers healthy living programs that
Think Outside the Gov

Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” This is the kind of creativity we need to bring solutions to our very real 21st century health care dilemmas.

IADMD Doctor-Led Health Care Plan

The IADMD® has a 3-prong approach health care plan:
(1) interdisciplinary interactions that reduce inefficiencies, (2) puts medicine back into the hands of  doctors governing treatments, usual and customary rates, and ending frivolous lawsuits, and (3) doctors across the country opening doors for sliding scale donated services in exchange for tax credits tracked through doctor-to-patient 1099s. We are hoping you will support our resolution to bring about private health care coverage for every person, and ensure that all individuals have affordable access to it.